Dr.K Project



HIROFUMI TOKUTAKE (Dr..K) Born in Hakodate, Hokkaido on May 25,1951 Guitarist, Composer, Arranger and Producer

He started the support for "Brett & butter" at his university days, thereafter he organize "Kotaro Yamamoto and boy detective mass" with the member of the legendary band "Honey pie", and a real music activity began. The backing band "The last show" for Shigeru Izumiya was formed in 1974. It becomes independent and two albums are released. Afterwards, he plays for a lot of artists and participates in the recording. Besides, the production of the music of the drama & a lot of CM music, released the five solo albums and the six guitar Soc video. He keeps leading band Dr.K Project and acting aggressively.



Masahiko Rokukawa born in Nakano, Tokyo on July 18,1951 Bassist,Composer,Producer

He started to play bass while he was the student of Japan University, Department of Art and he joined the light music society and the jazz workshop. Right after the graduation of the university, he started to play backing for Morio Agata and participated the production of his album gJapanese boyh.   Afterwards, played backing for Yoshitaka Minami, Minako Yoshida,   And then, participated gJunko Ohashi & Minoya Central stationh   After seceded, he played at various studio session and live session. The activity as the producer began in 1990 through a lot of recordings and live activities, too. Music office gRocos musich is established in 1996. € He himself participates in Dr.K Project as a bassist management.



Koji Miura born in Osaka in February, 1954 Drummer, Composer and Writer

He started to play drum yearning to VENTURES's Mel Taylor when he was a school child and the baptism of the lock is received in his high school days. In his university days, he started up activity in the disco, the nightclub, and the U.S. military camp etc. of Tokyo.   The record debut was accomplished by the group "Bobby & Little Maggie" in 1975. After the band dissolves, while he played in studio or back musician, he also played in groups such as g NASA", "Chicken Shack", etc.,   Encountered with Hirofumi Tokutake at year end of 1989, he joined gDr. K Projecth from 1992. He is doing on various activities as the drummer but also acting as a writer of the music magazine now

Kaoru Hoshikawa born in Yamagata on March 14, 1959 Guitarist, Composer, Arranger, and Producer

At age of 19, he came to Tokyo and studied guitar playing under Mr. Inoue at Ann Music School. He started up activity at the same time at nightclubs etc. as a professional player.   Afterwards, he expanded the activity widely to the live session with various people and artists, the recordings, the arrangements, Soc videos, and the guitar magazines etc.. These several years, he plays actively with his large senior, Hirofumi Tokutame in gDr. K Projecth or with sax player Hajime Yamamoto in gNaked Songsh   or trombone player Wakaba Kawai in gTHE CHOICEh.