Establishment and work contents

Masahiko Rokukawa, who has widely acted as an artist and a producer by the music scene in Japan for years, established the company in November, 1996 obtaining the agreement of Koji Konishi also who is the owner of custom-made professional audio "Conisis" and recording studio EGM.

We are doing various works such as Integrated production of the CD album, the production of the music of CM, the total produce, composing & arranging, and a   musician coordination, a studio coordination, various promotion projects, the artist management, the music publication business, the concert project, production, and the label management, etc. .

The main current work

Produce of trio rock'n roll band gHumming birdh

Establish gROCOS RECORDSh label

Live coordination of gDr. K projecth

Event coordination with each nightclub